Christine Campbell 

Christine Campbell is not your average marketer. She Graduated from Temple University in 2018, with a degree of Bachelors of Business Admissionstration with a concentration in Marketing. Equipped with an analytically focused degree Christine’s goal to bring the world of analytics to the world of art and design. She not only holds a business degree but has over 10 years of experience working in small business.

Since a young age Christine has been involved in her family’s business. She started her career cleaning bathrooms and maintaining the exterior appearance, she then moved her way up to stuffing marketing mailers, and eventually took a full-time position working as a bookkeeper. Her goal was to learn and understand all areas of a business.

Her most profitable accomplishment occurred when she was 17 years old. Her task was to develop a marketing video that showcases the innovating new technology. This video has now been seen by senior executives at the Walt Disney Company, Telsa, Kelloggs, FM Global, and other fortunes 500 companies.

Christine is not just a marketer, Christine is also a digital creative. She possesses professional skills in photography, videography, and graphic design. Her skills have been sought after by companies in almost every industry. From food production to professional sports, there are very few industries Christine has not taken photographs in.

Her mission is to combine the two worlds. She wants to create a place where analytics assist designs and designs drive analytics which drives conversions or sales.